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I’ve been asked to sing at a MAJOR Tea Party event with Sarah Palin – in TWO weeks!


This reminds me of a few years ago when I appeared at the Alamo with Glenn Beck and Ted Nugent. It was one of the first big Tea Parties. I said YES before I knew how I was going to be able to afford a plane ticket. But thanks to a lot of people’s generosity, I made it!

Well, I’ve done the same thing again. This Tea Party is in two weeks near Des Moines, Iowa and is expected to draw a HUGE crowd. They’d like me to sing WE MUST TAKE AMERICA BACK just before Gov. Palin takes the stage. What an opportunity!

So I said yes – but once again I have no idea how I’ll afford the trip. Our family, like many many others, is feeling the economic crunch. In fact my wife recently learned she won’t have a job at the end of September.

But I’m stepping out in faith believing I’m supposed to be there on 9/3 to sing that song for the thousands in attendance, and who knows how many others watching on C-Span and cable news channels. (I’m told Gov. Palin will be making a “major speech” – so coverage will be massive.)

I’m hopeful you might be willing to make a donation, whether small or large, to help get me there. And whether or not you can give, PLEASE pray that enough folks will step forward to make it possible. If you’d like to give please CLICK HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Thank you for your consideration,

Steve Vaus


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