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Nazis are Socialists.

American Socialists

Communists are Socialists.

Watchwoman Comment: The liberal left including the mainstream media and public gov’t brainwashing gulags (public schools) always say that Nazi’s were far right and communists left.  Then they claim that conservative, pro-life, pro-U.S. Constitutional Christians are far right — the indication alluded to is that we are Nazi’s, but they are completely 180 degrees off the mark.  Communism and Nazism are two wings of the same ideological systems.  The “National Socialist German Workers’ Party” led by Hitler from 1920 were the Nazi’s.  Just as you have different kinds of Muslims, each one will gladly behead a Jew or Christian, as well as shooting the life out of each other.  Sunni are following what they call “the prophet” Mohammed (and is the larger of the two sects) and Shia are following Mohammed, but the main person they follow is Ali ibn abi taleb, which is the son in law of Mohammed.  So it is the same with Nazis and Communists.  Nazis and Communists are just two different forms of the same hate-filled socialistic failed governmental system.  Communists are socialists.  Nazis are socialists.  Nazi stands for the National Socialists.  Socialism is evil and resulted in the deaths of millions upon millions more than Hitler ever slaughtered!  Now please go on to read Steve Birn’s excellent post from his blog “SteveBirnSpeaks” (at WordPress) “Was Hitler a Christian?”  Also, you should refer to the post I made early on in my beginning to blog here at Beleifnet:  Please go to: THE 45 COMMUNIST GOALS AS READ INTO THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, 1963 ▬  Donna Calvin


Was Hitler a Christian?

Steven | June 30, 2011 at 4:12 pm |  SOURCE:

I have often times made the claim that Communism killed as many as a quarter of a billion people in the 20th century. The Soviets and Chinese make up the vast majority of those murdered, with the North Koreans, Cubans and Indo-Chinese making up a good percentage. I’m often confronted with the claim that Hitler was a Christian and that this is somehow proof that Communism alone isn’t to blame for a bloody 20th century. In reality, I include Hitler’s wars and murders because he was a radical leftists. He surely was no Christian.

In Nazi Germany even God was subservient to the state. Hitler rarely spoke about God and when he did he usually used the term ‘almighty’ which is essentially a meaningless word. We can also look at the laws of Germany to determine whether they supported the Christian faith or attacked it. In the late 30’s religious broadcasts were banned from the radio. Book stores were banned from displaying Bibles or religious tracts unless the store exclusively sold religious materials. (these stores were few and far between in Germany) That doesn’t sound like the sort of state that believes in the Christian faith.

Perhaps the best example is found from the Official Guide for the Education of the Hitler Youth. Keep in mind, the Hitler Youth was compulsory for all German youth. The Hitler Youth existed to serve Hitler and the Nazi’s believed they were molding the next generation of Nazi’s. Their education included all the values and goals of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

The Official Guide contained 50 points, 10 of which concerned religious faith. These included:

1: Christianity is a religion for slaves and fools.

2: Christianity and Communism are identical

3: Christianity does not differentiate between white people and Negroes

4: The New Testament is a Jewish lie by four evangelists.

5. The Church is International.

16: There is no Christian Culture

18 Christianity has spoiled the German people, because it has taught them ideas such as adultery and theft, which they had never known.

20. Christianity is only a substitute and cover for Judaism, and was invented by Jews in Rome

21. Jesus Christ was a Jew.

24. How did Christ Die? Whining on the cross. How did Planetta die? Shouting “Heil Hitler!” (Planetta was the murderer of Chancellor Dolfuss).

26. The Ten Commandments are a manifestation of the lowest instincts of humanity.

45. The new Eternal City is Nuremburg. Rome is doomed.

Keep in mind of course that the Nazi’s were National Socialists who hated socialists with an international outlook. International socialists were communists back in the 30’s and took their marching orders from Moscow. Having said that, would a Christian political party declare that the Christian faith is a religion for slaves and fools? Would a Christian teach children that the gospel of Christ is a Jewish lie? Would a Christian nation tell its youth that the 10 Commandments are evil?

I would submit to you that Hitler wasn’t a Christian and the National Socialist German Workers Party had about as much in common with the Christian faith as the Communist Party. The Communists are largely atheists, the Nazi’s were largely old world German occult pagans. The fact that the Christian faith is so roundly attacked in curriculum for the Hitler Youth conclusively proves Hitler’s lack of faith and the National Socialists hatred of the Christian faith. If these people were truly Christians, why ever would they teach the next generation to hate the faith and distrust its truth?


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