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North Koreans starve to death; Kim Jong-Il imports McDonald’s burgers

In this photo from The Vine, Kim Jong-Il looks at fresh corn as North Koreans starve!!

Published: 4:37 PM 07/22/2011

As the North Korean people die of hunger, the country’s top officials have doubled imports of Chinese luxury goods since last year, reports the Straits Times.

According to Beijing customs, North Korean officials imported about $46 million worth of food and $10 million in foreign cigarettes and liquor. That’s a 117-percent increase since just last year. The spending includes $7.5 million on Marlboros and $2.4 million on Japanese beer and Hennessy whiskey. (Kim Jong-Il’s greatest ‘accomplishments’ [SLIDESHOW])

Political elites in Pyongyang, the North Korean capital city, also have McDonald’s hamburgers delivered to their homes from China, and imports of luxury items from Gucci, Armani and Rolex have also increased.

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