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Watchwoman: Why this is shocking today in Islam shouldn’t be shocking at all because according to countless web sites, books in libraries for years before the Internet existed, declare that the founder of the religion of Islam, The Prophet Muhammad, married a little girl, named Aisha, who has been described from age 6 to 9; therefore, these pedophiles of today’s Islam religion are just following their Prophet and Founder.  In this “religion of peace” it must be so peaceful for the little girl to be raped by her Islamic husband, a full-grown male ripping her apart as he penetrates her.  It makes me SICK!  Google it, see for yourself.  Google and you decide! Somebody should ask Rick Warren why he wants to marry Christianity with Islam making a totally new religion, “Chrislam”.  How sick is that?  ▬ Donna Calvin



Posted on July 27, 2011 at 1:15am by Tiffany Gabbay Tiffany Gabbay

It is difficult to imagine defending pedophilia at all, let alone issuing a religious decree officially condoning it through the act of marriage. Yet that is what one Saudi cleric has reportedly done by issuing a fatwa defending Muslim “child marriage” or, pedophilia.

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