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Here are some updates, in case you missed any of this week’s shows:

Quinn & Rose returned from vacation this week.  To start the week off, they talked about Presidential Candidates.

Last week, Casey Anthony was acquitted of charges for murder, and child abuse leading to death of her 2 year old daughter.

Sarah Palin was on the cover of Newsweek, with a title of “I Can Win.”

Rose brought us an interesting story from London.  They built a Ronald Reagan statue over the July 4th weekend.  Some believe that it’s unlikely for a while that any other President will be honored in this way.  Reagan stands apart from all other Presidents, as he was able to articulate and execute a clear vision for the United States, something that no other President, including the current, has been able to do.  He was hailed as a “Great American Hero,” with a 10-ft tall bronze statue.  One of the main reasons for the statue was to recognize his efforts in ending the Cold War.

Quinn played the audio from Jerry Day this week.  He’s a media expert & producer from CA.  He articulates the ramifications of the Smart Meters being put in our homes.  His short commentary explains the intrusive steps government is taking, regarding our electricity use.  The amount of information your electric company knows, or, anyone can find out for that matter, is CHILLING.  It’s intrusive, and it’s wrong.

Jay Carney insulted the American people this week, as Rose pointed out.  He pretty much said we’re idiots, when he implied that we don’t understand what a debt ceiling is.  Rose articulated the details of the debt ceiling, and yes, Jay Carney, we get it.

Rose also talked about the ridiculous religion, Pastatarians.  Yes, Pasta.  There was an Austrian man who was allowed to wear a pasta strainer on his head, as religious headgear.  But luckily, the Austiran authories required him to be tested to see if he’s psychologically fit to drive, and rightly so!  He’s a part of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

Then of course, we had the boy-child President Obama walking out of a debt ceiling meeting this week.  In a fit of anger, he walked out of the meeting being held in the White House, and got feisty with Eric Cantor in the meantime.

Obama also threatens that the social security checks won’t be made out to senior citizens on August 3rd.  But, we’re calling his bluff, and no one’s buying it.  However, his comments and threats are scaring people, and it’s wrong.  The money is there, and the checks will go out.

Please join Rose for some more upcoming appearances!

She’ll be local in Pittsburgh, TODAY!  July 15th, at noon for the “Running on Empty Tour,” with Americans for Prosperity.  It’s at noon, on Friday, July 15th, at Point Park, Downtown.

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Make your fellow Conservative laugh with a “Sooo… How’s that Obama Thing Workin’ For Ya?” bumper sticker!  (Or, anger the Liberals. Both are encouraged).

Expect the stories to keep coming in!  Tune in next week, for your next installment of Quinn & Rose.

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