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Watchwoman Video Viewing Warning: Policeman in the video uses f*** word, cuss words for human excrement, and curses taking god’s name in vain in anger repeatedly.  The common position of Watchwoman is to be in alliance with the police force.  They have a very difficult and very demanding job.  In seconds they go from riding calmly to a life-threatening situation!  They have to make unbelievable nano-second life and death decisions.  They amaze me for the most part at their professionalism in their ability to remain in control of their emotions.  That’s the reflection of superior training.  According to the local Cleveland news last night, the Canton, Ohio, officer has been placed on “furlough” or whatever they call it when an officer is not working pending an investigation.  God bless all our police officers and may God protect them all from the evil ones who set about to harm them!  In Jesus name, I pray.  However, every once in a while……well, just view the video.  ▬ Donna Calvin

Uploaded by  on Jul 20, 2011 writes about the video: On June 8, 2011 the following unfortunate arrest took place in Canton, OH. Notifying the policy when you have a firearm is required by Ohio Law, but when this individual with a thirty-day old license tries to do that he is repeatedly ordered to look away, shut up, or interrupted and “forced” to change what he is speaking about by the actions of an aggressive cop who maintains verbal control of the situation.

A two man car dealing with three people put itself at risk when one officer started what appears to be an illegal search of the rear of the car without extracting or securing the driver – which would have given him an opportunity to notify.

What follows is horrific example of a police officer losing all self-control, threatening to beat the female, threatening to beat the driver and eventually saying he should have executed him “and wouldn’t have lost any sleep over it” that night.


[Watchwoman: Below are two comments from the YouTube site where I found this video, thought you might like to read them too.  Please note: I do not substantiate the validity of the comments below.  ▬ Donna Calvin]



  • PEOPLE- Learn your rights. keep your doors locked, only open your window enough to give your I.D. ( see Flex your rights.) YOU DO NOT CONSENT TO SEARCH, & YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ANSWER QUESTION. YOU ASK THEM. AM I FREE TO GO? AM I BEING DETAINED? ( see Pastor Andersons boarder videos & 4409’s videos.) THEN go to mark stevens Adventures in legal land. Dont be ignorant. Asshole cops will still be . you can have him call his superior,asap, when you know your rights. easy to difuse people. learn it.  2skullscrushing 33 minutes ago 5 


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