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Watchwoman Questions? Read the following article and then answer my questions. If sodomite #1 tweeted to another sodomite #2, “I saw a pro-George Bush bumper sticker. That’s why I don’t live in Texas.” (Or, insert Sarah Palin and Alaska, or Dr. James Dobson and Colorado, or any other conservative’s or Republican’s or Christian’s name.) And sodomite #2 replied, “if we could get rid of them, it’d be a lot better .” And then the original sodomite #1 tweeter responded, “lol.. Don’t we all wish!” –   6 Questions??????  (1.) In this scenario I write about, do you think that original tweeter #1 would be fired from his job? – And – (2.) In my scenario, do you think that sodomite #1 should be fired from his job?  (3.) In the incident described below, what are the tweeters discussing, signs or people?  (4.) Can anyone be totally certain what is being referred to in ambiguity?  (5.) Is this the “thought police” in action? (6.) Do we really want this kind of “thought police” scrutiny trampling over the U.S. Constitution? ▬  Donna Calvin


NASCAR crewman fired for anti-gay tweet

Posted on June 30, 2011

A Red Bull Racing crewman was fired for an anti-gay tweet he posted Sunday night following the Sprint Cup race at Infineon Raceway.

Prior to flying out of San Francisco on Sunday night, Jeremy Fuller, a contract employee and tire changer, posted on Twitter a photo of a gay pride banner on a car with the comment, “This is way [sic] I don’t live here!”

One of his Twitter followers responded with a tweet that read, “if we could get rid of them, it’d be a lot better.”

It appeared that Fuller later replied to that tweet, but did not re-tweet the original message. The response read: “lol.. Don’t we all wish!”

Fuller said Tuesday night that his initial tweet was meant as a joke to another crew member. He said he never posted that response and was on a plane when that appeared on his Twitter account. He took down the posts Monday morning, and Fuller said Tuesday night that he had been fired by Red Bull Racing and by Turner Motorsports, where he also worked a few races as a tire changer in the Nationwide Series.


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