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Watchwoman: Steve Vaus is a great patriot and a great song writer, a composer who writes feelings and paints pictures with words, a singer with talent that is top-notch, and a professional all-around producer of the best Christian, God-inspired, patriotic music today, without a doubt!  He was headed towards stardom in Nashville, at the top of the charts, when he bucked heads with the US Government and subsequently had the IRS unleashed upon him for his top-rated song on the charts, “We Must Take America Back”.  Nashville is as much the liberal mob as any other corrupt city of powerful-big-buck-greedy-money crooks.  I’ve included his video below, but I really would appreciate it if you go to his web site to listen to it there too.  Listen to it twice!  I’ve known about Steve Vaus since the early 1990’s.  He’s not a rich man, but he’s richly talented.  I’ve scheduled him on “What’s Right, What’s Left, The Voice of the Christian Resistance”.  If you want to be comforted with songs from a man who thinks like you do, my conservative Christian Patriotic friends, please go to Steve’s web site and purchase all the CD’s you can afford.  You’re going to spend hours just listening and reminiscing about the America you loved and what it was like when you knew God was still the King in America! Listening to Steve’s songs, you’ll know you are not alone.  That’s not all, if you go to his web site, you can get a free mp3 of his newest song, “State of the Union”.  Steve will email it to you absolutely free!  That’s just another reason why I recommend Steve Vaus to everyone I know!  He has a song from much earlier — see the video on Watchwoman on the Wall blog web site, where he sings about being born again (“Justified”) and another great song about the martyrs of the True Christian Church called “Renegades” also on this Watchwoman’s blog web site.  View those videos and don’t miss just about the best song ever written and sung, “We Must Take America Back”, click on the links below:



JUSTIFIED (His personal testimony) –

WE MUST TAKE AMERICA BACK (my favorite song) –


▬  Donna Calvin

I’d like you to hear my new song . . .

I’ve just finished writing and recording a new song calledSTATE OF THE UNION. It may be the most important song I’ve ever written – and I don’t say that lightly.  In fact, I feel so strongly about the song that I’m giving it away – IT NEEDS TO BE HEARD.

Click here to go to my web site where you can hear the song and read the lyrics. If it moves you please share it with your friends. (If it really grabs you please make a donation in any amount to help defray recording costs and to support the new American Revival appearances I’m setting up.)

Please listen now – and share it with everyone. (And let me know how you like it.)

American Revival Tour


I want to come to your town to sing about AMERICAN REVIVAL. There is no cost for an appearance other than transportation and lodging expenses – that’s right, I’m donating my performances.

If you can pull together a group of at least 2-3 dozen folks I’ll come sing. It can be a house concert, a church, a Tea Party . . . whatever you arrange. Contact me for more information.

Don’t forget to go listen to my new song right now. There will be another new recording coming out in a few weeks thanks to an anonymous angel who has helped with production costs. If you’d like to support my new music, visit the STATE OF THE UNION page on my web site and use the donation link. I need your a few more angels to help this all come together!

Thanks for your time,

Steve Vaus

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