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Not My Child…

Linda Harvey’s book, Not My Child: Contemporary Paganism and the New Spirituality, highlights the explosion of casual paganism among our kids. Why are middle school girls casting spells they just downloaded from the Internet? Why are teens walking labyrinths, worshipping nature, or trying to contact the dead? And–why is this happening among kids who still call themselves Christians?

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NEA 2011 –Drag Queen Caucus, “Hate Language” and More

America’s teaching profession union in action
Mission America Report

The National Education Association, at its annual meeting underway in Chicago, not only features once again a “Drag Queen Caucus”, but also enacted measures allowing it to continue its anti-life stance and calling for an end to “hate language” because teachers don’t feel safe in schools.

They even plan to include “hate language” taboos in contract negotiations.

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How “Gay” Marriage Won in New York

Mass Resistance Report

At 11:30 pm last Tuesday night we got a frantic phone call. Earlier that day we had
emailed a copy of our MassResistance paper “What same-sex ‘marriage’ did to Massachusetts” to major pro-family activists at the New York State House in Albany. The same-sex “marriage” bill in the Senate was on the line. They were making copies to hand-deliver to every Senator. Could Brian Camenker from MassResistance come to Albany the next morning and personally describe to them what New York can expect if this bill passes?

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“Ex-Gay” Christians Make A Stand at NEA

Dwayna Litz, Lighting the Way Worldwide
Photo courtesy of Lighting the Way

Though these “ex-gay” Christians were mocked, they were privileged to share their testimonies about how God has given them a new, pure life through Jesus. They have left the homosexual lifestyle behind to live for Him. They faced much ridicule and were misunderstood at their booth at the NEA convention, as some homosexuals even accused them of being responsible for hate crimes. Mary Lokers, who has written many booklets and articles of her testimony for our table outreach locations, is pictured.

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