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by Steven Birn

June 20, 2011 at 1:33 pm


The unmitigated arrogance and lawlessness of President Obama has been on full display during the last week. Congress has demanded an explanation of the war in Libya. Under the War Powers Act the President must explain to Congress within 90 days why the military is being used in a particular operation. He must also ask for approval from Congress for continued military operations. The President’s response to Congressional demands for explanation in Libya is nothing short of outrageous.

Obama claims there is no war in Libya! Apparently dropping bombs and having CIA operatives on the ground does not constitute war in the mind of President Obama. Keep in mind, as a Senator Mr. Obama insisted the war in Iraq was “illegal.” Never mind of course that President Bush asked for and received Congressional authorization in Iraq under the War Powers Act prior to dropping the first bomb. Obama isn’t just a lawless socialist, he’s America’s first postmodern President.

President Obama has such a thirst for war in Libya that he overruled Justice Department lawyers who told him that he was violating the War Powers Act. This is an almost unheard of event. President’s almost always go along with the opinions presented by the Justice Department, especially so on matters such as the War Powers Act. But not President Obama, law doesn’t matter to this man. Not only does law not matter to Obama, neither does language. When language doesn’t work to his advantage, he simply denies language exists. It isn’t a war, it’s a kinetic military operation! Now apparently action in Libya isn’t kinetic, military or an opperation.

Congress is threatening to cut off funding for Obama’s illegal Libyan war. Congress should not only cut off funding but impeachment hearings should be held if Obama continues to drop bombs on Libya. This isn’t a matter of disagreement with the war we’re fighting against Libya. This is a matter of law. We cannot have a President that disregards both the Constitution and the War Powers Act. Only Congress may declare war and under the War Powers Act (passed in 1973 on an override of a Nixon veto) the President must seek Congressional approval for any conflict lasting more than 90 days. For the President to ignore the War Powers Act and continue fighting a war in Libya based on little more than a redefinition of war is an impeachable offense regardless of whether Libyan action is in America’s best interests or not.

What Obama really needs to explain is why we’re trying to assassinate Gaddafi and why this is important for American interests in the middle east. Furthermore, Obama has yet to explain who the rebels are that we’re fighting for. There is ample evidence that the rebels include members of al Qaeda. These are people who are fresh off of fighting our soldiers in Iraq. They have our soldiers blood stained on their hands, yet Obama is supporting them in Libya. Obama is indeed the first postmodern President. We’re at war with al Qaeda, no, we’ve always been friends with al Qaeda. It’s all very 1984.

Obama must be forced to follow the law in this matter. The War Powers Act is clear as to Obama’s duties under the law. Mr. Obama is not living up to his duties and no amount of redefining the word ‘war’ will change what is going on in Libya. Congress must defund the military operation in Libya. If they don’t, then the War Powers Act is irrelevant and will forever be ignored by this President and future Presidents.

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Source: Obama’s War in Libya Now Illegal

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