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Congressman Chris Smith, the head of the pro-life caucus of lawmakers in the House of Representatives, says voters must replace pro-abortion President Barack Obama with a pro-life president when they vote in the 2012 elections.“I do think we need a man or woman who is totally committed to the culture of life and not just in name only or symbolically but somebody who really believes in the family and in the preciousness of all life, including the child in the womb,” the New Jersey congressman told the Catholic News Agency.Having previously called Obama out on his lengthy pro-abortion record, Smith says giving him another four years in the White House would be a disaster for women and unborn children by allowing him a chance to further entrench abortion, abortion funding and international promotion of abortion.“President Obama is the abortion president. If he gets in for four more years he’ll be untethered,” Smith told CNA. “Obama will pack the Supreme Court too. The only realistic way that Roe v. Wade will be repealed is through the courts. If he gets a chance to put one or two more judges on (the bench), then a generation will be lost and over a million kids a year will suffer the cruelty of abortion.”“Look at the stand Obama took on the threat to withdraw funding for the International Planned Parenthood Federation from the U.S. budget,” Smith explained. “He said, ‘I’ll shut down the government before I don’t fund Planned Parenthood.’ So his priorities couldn’t have been clearer. His priority will be to fund all pro-abortion, non-governmental organizations to the max.”


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