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Romney Not Tea-Party Approved

Robert Knight, senior fellow and executive director at The American Civil Rights Union (ACRU), says despite strong poll numbers, he does not believe Romney will ultimately get the nomination.

“You have the tea party out there; that’s a huge force for traditional American values, and they’re not going to put up with a retread liberal Republican from the northeast,” he contends. “I’ll make a prediction: Mr. Romney will be defeated pretty easily.”

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Pro-Abortion NEA to Spend $60 Million Re-Electing Obama 

Steven Ertelt,

The nation’s biggest educational lobby, which has advanced a pro-abortion agenda, will advance it further now that it has committed to spending $60 million to support the re-election campaign of pro-abortion President Barack Obama.

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Worldview Gridlock 

Dr. Peter Jones

There are not 365 different ways to relate to the world. According to the apostle Paul there are only two. He says with clarity and simplicity in Romans 1:25 that you either worship creation (One-ism) or you worship the Creator (Two-ism). Support for this approach comes from odd places.

I recently wrote a book arguing my case: One or Two: Seeing A World of Difference (2010). Then I discovered two older books with similar titles, plus a book with an intriguing term I hadn’t heard before…

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U.S. Dept. of Education Hosts LGBT Youth Summit 

Concerned Women for America

The U.S. Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Serviceshosted a 2-day summit last week for youth. Dr. Janice Crouse, Senior Fellow and Director of CWA’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, has more on this summit and what it means for your area schools in the days ahead.


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