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WATCHWOMAN RECALLS: The first time I heard this song was in the early 1990’s over a tiny radio station that put out a whole 40 watts of power. I knew I wasn’t alone, that there were other patriots out there who felt just like I did. It gave me encouragement to keep on looking for those other Christian Patriots.  I did, and I found YOU!

Thank you, Steve Vaus, who wrote this song with feeling and righteousness, produced this recording with the utmost attention to details, published it because the mainstream country music entertainment industry is corrupt and left-bent towards political correctness.  Steve did this with the greatest professional quality and he expertly sings it with a Top-10 voice.  If “Taking America Back” were about the useless topics of most country-western music, it would have been in the Top 10 for years and years.  That’s a whole ‘nother story!  You have heard Steve Vaus as a guest on Pastor Ernie Sanders radio show and his many recordings are used as bumper music on Pastor’s program.  It is with great pleasure, I give you, Steve Vaus, singing . .  . We Must Take America Back!

▬ Donna Calvin

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