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Here are some updates, in case you missed any of this week’s shows:

Presidential Candidates were the talk of the week yet again.

  • Tim Pawlenty – IN
  • Mitch Daniels – OUT
  • And from last week…
  • Mike Huckabee – OUT
  • Donald Trump – OUT
  • Ron Paul – IN
  • Newt Gingrich – IN



And of course, with President Obama’s comments late last week, Israel was the talk of the week.  He encouraged Israel to return to their pre-1967 borders, handing their land over to Palestine.  Rose stressed that President Obama is destroying one of the few allies that we have.

Our deepest condolences go out to Joplin, MO.  It was literally cut in half with the destruction from recent tornadoes.

Rose brought the story of various companies, and even entire states, who got waivers or exemptions from Obama-care.  Last week, we found out that Nancy Pelosi’s group got all kinds of waivers.  She’s the one who pushed it through the most, and she’s exempt from it.

We’re sure you all remember how AARP lobbied heavily for Obama-care, and the profits of it.  NOW, AARP has it’s own waiver!

Even Harry Reid’s entire state of Nevada has received exemptions or waivers from various requirements of Obama-care.

Rose says that this is the elite, telling you what to do.  But, they live their lives the way they choose, while you have no choice.  It’s ALL… about Socialism.

In the meantime, back to Harry Reid.  As Quinn pointed out, he was pushing for a vote on Paul Ryan’s plan.  Reid calls it the “Killing Medicare Plan.”  Harry Reid says it will really cost seniors, but, it’s a lie.  Paul Ryan makes the argument that Medicare is about to go bankrupt in 9 years.  Paul Ryan has fresh ideas, and, we like him.

And, to top off the week, President Obama traveled Europe, embarrassing himself and the US in his recent trip to Ireland, and the UK.

However, there was some enlightening news this week, too.  Rose gave some figures from a recent poll.  It stated that 61% of American adults, that describe themselves to be Pro-Choice, said that they feel abortions should be illegal in all, or most circumstances.  A glimmer of hope, considering that’s from Pro-Choice Americans.

Please join Rose for some more upcoming appearances!

This year’s big tea party isn’t going to be in DC.  They’ve decided to move it to Kansas City, KS, for the Freedom Jamboree!  Speakers include Rose, CL Bryant, Michele Bachmann, David Horowitz, and even the Supremes! Sept 28 thru Oct 1.  Extensive details can be found at

For details on all these appearances, click:

Make your fellow Conservative, that’s stuck in traffic with you, laugh with an “SOL” bumper sticker!  (Or, anger the Liberals. Both are encouraged).

Expect the stories to keep coming in!  Tune in next week, for your next installment of Quinn & Rose.  Be sure to catch the Best of Quinn & Rose on Memorial Day!

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