Watchwoman on the Wall

Yep! While 244,000 new jobs were created, UNEMPLOYMENT INCREASED!

UNEMPLOYMENT is up to 9%.

Worse yet, according to many inside sources the real unemployment rate is double that, 18%.

I’m sure you didn’t hear that on the lamestream commie news networks!

Now why does the media ignore all the facts?


Isn’t it odd how when the Democrats are in the Powerhouse Majority, it’s all good news, even when it’s bad news — but when the Republicans are in the Majority in the House, Senate and White House, it’s all bad news — no matter what happens.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Jim Quinn and it rings true again:
“When you’re a Democrat, it’s different.”

Jim Quinn (along with his lovely co-host, Rose) is the best morning conservative talk show host on during the morning drive to work.  Go to Quinn and Rose’s web site:

The Warroom, America’s Morning Show with Quinn & Rose to find an affiliate where you can tune them in.

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