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Listen to The Voice of the Christian Resistance!

Why should I listen to the Voice of the Christian Resistance?

We get alot of very up to date, unbiased, and truthful information from Pastor Ernie Sanders — who is the Voice of the Christian Resistance.

Pastor Ernie Sanders, The Voice of the Christian Resistance, What's Right, What's Left King James Version Bible-Based Talk Radio, Call in number 216-901-0933

Pastor Sanders is on Monday – Friday | 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM – Eastern Time | 1220 AM WHKW The Word | Greater Cleveland Area

Click here to listen to Pastor Sanders Radio Talk Show LIVE – WORLDWIDE ON THE NET at

  • You will hear the truth that our local and national news media will NOT cover.
  • He is gracious in allowing the citizens to call in during his talk show to expose corruption and talk about other issues and concerns.
  • He is the only show that allows inmates from correctional institutions to call into his show.
  • He promotes people of good Christian Moral Character, with Godly Moral Values for public offices.
  • We really need to keep him and more Godly people like him, on the air.


Please send a letter to Mr. Mark Jaycox below and express how helpful Pastor Sanders radio talk show is; you’d like to continue to hear him over their radio station and are glad their station carries Pastors Like Pastor Sander’s and his Bible-Based Talk Program, “The Voice of The Christian Resistance”.

Our Country Needs More Truth Telling Radio Pastors Like Pastor Ernie Sanders.

Let’s support him as he supports us and keep him on the radio.

Yes, you can also call and e-mail, but a letter mailed is the most effective.  Arbitron ratings require it be kept on file.

Mr. Mark Jaycox, General Manager
Station Manager for 1220 The Word

4 Summit Park Drive Ste 150
Cleveland, OH 44131
Phone: (216) 901 0921


Visit What’s Right, What’s Left web page right now!


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