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WATCHWOMAN’S PROMISED PROOFIn an item I posted previously, (click to see it) a gentleman named Frank took issue with the one-time use of the word Democrat in the headline of an article that discusses how the incandescent light bulb is being banned by the bloated, over-reaching, freedom-snatching and way too powerful Federal Government.  Frank decided to tell the little people of America in his comment left at that post that anyone who voted for a Republican was at fault, not the Democrats who were in power and control of both Houses of Congress.  Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid did nothing to prevent the passage of the bill by the Democrat-controlled Congress that President Bush signed in 2007.  I promised that I would supply proof that Frank was picking on the wrong people and that it was General Electric and NBC (who at that time in 2007 were owned by the same conglomeration of Big Lobbyists).  BTW, GE contributed heavily to the successful election of Barack Obama.  Apparently, those contributions helped GE handsomely because…GE paid no income taxes on huge profits in 2010.  That’s in the next article, I’ll post (click here) …….  Sooooooooooooooooooooooo, here goes, the proof I promised exonerating you little people…

▬ Donna Calvin

How GE’s green lobbying is killing U.S. factory jobs

By: Timothy P. Carney 08/28/09
Senior Political Columnist


WINCHESTER, VA–“Government did us in,” says Dwayne Madigan, whose job will terminate when General Electric closes its factory next July.

Madigan makes a product that will soon be illegal to sell in the U.S. – a regular incandescent bulb. Two years ago, his employer, GE, lobbied in favor of the law that will outlaw the bulbs.

Madigan’s colleagues, waiting for their evening shift to begin, all know that GE is replacing the incandescents for now with compact fluorescents bulbs, which GE manufactures in China.

Last month, GE announced it will close the Winchester Bulb Plant 80 miles west of D.C. As a result, 200 men and women will lose their jobs. GE is also shuttering incandescent factories in Ohio and Kentucky, axing another 200 jobs.

GE blamed environmental regulations for the closing. The first paragraph of the company’s July 23 press release explained:

NOTE: The original version of this article stated that GE “lobbied to kill the incandescent bulb.” This was imprecise. In 2007 GE opposed proposals to explicitly outlaw incandescents. Instead, the company advocated simply setting efficiency standards for all bulbs, regardless of what type of bulb. This had the known effect of outlawing all traditional incandescents, but leaving open the possibility of high-efficiency incandescents.

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