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Cain is not yet able

The highly popular Tea Party candidate, black conservative Herman Cain, is just not yet ready for prime time.  A recent example of why he is not was his appearance this past Sunday on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.  Wes Pruden, in his “The Washington Times” column today entitled “No grandeur yet in this old party” says that “Mr. Cain, like most newcomers to major-league politics, stumbles when he strays from what he knows.”

“When Chris Wallace of Fox News asked what he thought of the Palestinian ‘right of return,’ one of the fundamental obstacles to peace in the Middle East, the prospective candidate was clearly befuddled.  ‘The right of return? The right of return?’

“The interlocutor explained, gently, that he was talking about the off-the-table Palestinian position that refugees should have the right to return to territory lost with the establishment of Israel. Mr. Cain hesitated again, and then compounded innocent ignorance with unforgivable folly. ‘I don’t think [the Israelis] have a big problem with people returning,’ he said. ‘The issue is there are some things they simply do not want to give in on.'”

Wrong answer!

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