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We openly reject President Obama’s proposal for the establishment of a Palestinian state based on Israel’s 1967 borders … this position is indefensible and would result in the destruction of Israel. 

President Obama’s plan to establish a Palestinian state while demanding that Israel re-establish its borders with Palestine based on 1967 boundaries is a slap in the face to Israel and is fundamentally indefensible. If Hamas and other radical groups pushed Israel back to the 1967 borders, then the nation of Israel would be doomed. This is an outrageous proposal and is a non-starter, as Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly stated. Hamas and other terrorist groups do not want more land – they want the complete destruction of Israel!Obama’s plan is dangerous!

President Obama’s proposal places Israel at a marked disadvantage to begin any negotiations in resolving their ongoing political and military challenges. Former “land for peace” agreements such as the Gaza withdrawal only served to displace thousands of Israeli families from their homes and actually increased terrorist attacks on Israel from even closer range. The cost of that strategic policy blunder was the lives of many innocent men, women, and children.

We the undersigned people of the United States of America support Israel’s right to exist, to secure their borders, and to defend Jerusalem, their God-ordained national capital!




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