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Many thanks for the kind comments so far. I am a little shaky on my feet here, which surprises me. I am not sure why. I am conscious of trying to strike the right balance. And, in other news that […]

I should mention the homily I heard this weekend, delivered, as usual, in measured, deliberate, confident tones. He covered: 1) The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary and the Battle of Lepanto 2) The importance of praying the rosary […]

…all over the place, it’s from Marini to Marini: Il Santo Padre ha nominato Maestro delle Celebrazioni Liturgiche Pontificie il Don Guido Marini, del clero dell’Arcidiocesi di Genova and Il Papa ha nominato Presidente del Pontificio Comitato per i […]

As the weekend draws to a close, we can gather reports on various Masses in the Usus Antiquior  held in the US and around the world. Interesting stuff, ranging from bishops celebrating Masses Kansas City and Milwaukee and Birmingham and Cardinal […]

On September 14, this Friday, the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, Pope Benedict XVI’s Motu Proprio on the Missal of 1962 will take effect. It will be an interesting day, and I’m fully confident that the world will […]

Some of you might recall last year, quite a bit of blogosphere conversation about the All Saints Vigil at the Dominican House of Studies in DC. It seemed from the outside – an impression confirmed by those who attended  – […]

I have a longer post in mind, which I am going to try to work on bit by bit – on the reactions of the US bishops to the Motu Proprio – but as you can figure out, that’s a […]

1.   If you knew the Marlins were playing the Reds, you’d be able to better guess where we were. 2    The best part of the Cincinnati Zoo is the Nocturnal House, without question, with the Insect House coming in a […]

Yesterday evening, the Mass in the Extraordinary Form (is that right?…..) was celebrated in St. Joseph’s Co-Cathedral in Burlington Vermont. Celebrated by Burlington Bishop Salvatore Matano.  The church was apparently packed – as you can see from the video, and […]

Now, I don’t go to Mass at our Cathedral very often – mostly on holy days – in fact, I usually end up there on holy days because they have a noon Mass, and none of the parishes closer to […]