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January 1, 1970 Archives

Following up last week’s excommunication of Fr. Ray Bourgeois for his participation in women’s ordination ceremonies, word comes down that Bishop Olmstead of Phoenix has excommunicated Lifeteen Founder Dale Fushek and another, Mark Dippre. Fushek and Dippre, those who follow […]

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Recent words from the Holy Father: Sandro Magister examines how frequently Benedict has referred to Original Sin of late: He did the same thing at the audience on the following Wednesday, December 10. He had a written text in his […]

Gaudete Sunday version.. No rose vestments, a decent homily but one that oddly, had little directly to do with the readings, music that was, as usual, well-executed, the normal Advent music. (I’m in a rush, sorry) What about you? And […]