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The Vatican has put up the text of the Pope’s off-the-cuff remarks at the end of Mass this morning. It is smoothed out and patched up..and changed: My response now for all that you have given to me during this […]

First the text of the brief talk given to the children and youth with disabilities and their caregivers: I am very happy to have this opportunity to spend a brief moment with you. I thank Cardinal Egan for his welcome […]

He was 72: Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo, President of the Pontifical Council for the Family, died Saturday of complications from diabetes.  The cardinal had been in a hospital fighting different health complications for nearly four weeks before he passed away.  […]

In which I point you to the NYTimes blog where I should have 2 posts up today, and then one later tonight, I hope, after the youth rally. (Okay, one is up, but the first one isn’t yet – they […]

The humility of this pope shines through. The manner in which he prayed the Eucharistic Prayer – perhaps it’s partly a function of his age and fatigue, but I’m thinking it’s also an expression of his convictions about who he […]

Great, informative, insightful post from Fr. Martin Fox, who was at the DC Mass    

Here’s the text. Vintage Benedict, using the matter at hand – St. Patrick’s Cathedral – as a teaching tool, a teachable moment. (After the jump)  

Remember? My blog archival page from April 2005, in which I was liveblogging the election, and readers were reacting – it really is great to read. I’m glad I didn’t succumb to temptation and delete the blog to save my […]