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January 1, 1970 Archives

I’m currently in a frenzy of cleaning and purging – I discovered that I saved EVERY SINGLE PAPER from Christopher’s kindergarten year, and most from first grade. Not surprisingly, the archives diminish precipitously after that. Anyway, some finds: 1) A book […]

..and other varia. Very nice piece about a Texas family making the journey: (The Times will be following the family this week. There’s a bit of video, too) The Pequeños and their fellow pilgrims are a particularly ardent band. They […]

(I’ll be beating this drum a lot for the next month. Bear with me.) The bookstore is open. I’ll be making a run to the post office early afternoon, so if you’d like an order to go out today, now’s […]

As Benedict’s visit gets closer, anticipatory commentary makes less and less sense. Take, for example, Stephen Prothero’s column in USA Today. (Prothero is chair of the Religion Department at BU. His column expresses a pretty thin understanding of Benedict, but […]