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The collection of the Pope’s Q & A’s with various groups, Questions and Answers is #1 on the Catholic Publishers’ Association Bestseller’s list for April. (pdf)  Oh, and more papal-related randomness – here’s a transcript of a really excellent discussion […]

Update:  Here it is at the USCCB website.   Update:  Here it is, from YouTube, sans commercials.   Via CNN, here’s the video, complete with Miller Lite commercial.   More from other sites soon, I’m sure. Um…looks like people are […]

I am having to go through myriad machinations in order to be able to sell books again. Don’t ask. But just know that it should be all straightened out in a couple of days. I will be doing a new […]

A few upcoming appearances: Friday morning at 6:40 AM, I’ll be on Gus Lloyd’s Seize the Day program on Sirius’ Catholic Channel. 6:40. Don’t forget. 6:40. Topic will be (I think) Mary and the Christian Life. Next Tuesday at 9:30, […]

Carl Olson dissects today’s USA Today story on the Pope. Helpfully, through his obvious pain. He even offers an alternate reality: Now, consider how this paragraph of “reporting”… He has made clear he wants to continue the strict doctrines of […]

But hopefully sooner. Update:  There’s an audio link at the end of the Vatican Radio text.  Here is a direct link to the audio. Here’s the text of the Pope’s message to the US in anticipation of his visit – […]

The great discovery of this past week’s journey was Jason’s Deli – a not-tiny chain, but one that we’d never encountered before. Much to my daughter’s chagrin, we ended up eating at it three – three – times in the […]