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I hope that somewhere out there, some historian or sociologist (or both) is keeping an eye on the travails of the diocese of Belleville, IL. Which, in some form or another, have been going on for a good long while. […]

I won’t have a chance to listen to it right now, but I point you to this week’s In Our Time, centered on Henry VIII’s dissolution of the monasteries.  Available for download for the next week, still accessible on the […]

Here’s an analysis that might be helpful to reporters getting ready for the papal visit: John Thavis of CNS does a very nice job of examining the Pope’s Psalm Sunday homily and drawing from it continuing themes of Benedict’s message: The […]

Fr. James Martin poses the question at the America blog A good discussion at Deacon Greg Kandra’s blog My brief (hah) answer: No. Done correctly, with appropriate settings, even with a lot of baptisms, the Vigil really shouldn’t last over […]

Here’s the point about press coverage. Perhaps you could call it my manifesto on the subject. American press coverage of the papacy has had a single overriding theme for twenty-five years: the dissonance between what the Pope represents and the […]

A few days ago, I blogged on reporter Gary Stern’s piece on Benedict, which had some good points, but was hampered by the thematic focus that Benedict is a “mystery” to “many.” Stern has responded to bloggers’ criticisms, particularly Carl […]