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…trying to understand the crisis in the Anglican communion. The acronyms have finally done it. I read Christopher Johnson and Kendall and Thinking Anglicans and Stand Firm and Captain Yips and follow their links, and it all just gets murkier […]

I was remiss the other day in not giving props to Sacred Heart Radio in Cincinnati – a great, relatively new Catholic station. (correction…or not, per Fr. Kyle!) On which I “appeared” at 6:40 this morning. Was I coherent? I’m […]

..about the Pew study on religious affiliation. Here’s the study And here’s the part that interests Catholics, quoted from an LATimes article: But Catholics also lost more adherents than any other single religious group in the United States, with one […]

A couple of things that caught my eye: Gashwin has a post on a baptism he attended in India. You must go and read about the very unique tradition that follows the baptism itself. Lovely. Anthony Sacramone has an interesting […]

Michael’s traveling a lot these days, so I’m using his absence as an opportunity to experiment in the kitchen – without having to inflict the perhaps unfortunate results on the poor man. Last week, it was pasta. I’ve had a (manual) […]

Someday, it will be warm enough to play outside again. Although I have to say, today, I got a little scared. It was about 34 degrees outside and I thought, “Hmm. This feels warm enough to run at the park […]

…or have read all the books on the sidebar. Plus a couple of Ratzinger books which I suppose I should put up there. A few of them I want to review together, so the finished have to wait for the […]

I only have one: If Juno (which I liked), wins any Major Awards, whoever accepts the award will make a statement supportive of abortion rights. Ellen Page has already set the stage, but I’d expect more. For the record!  Update:  […]

Here is a fantastic evangelization effort – at least judging from the spots they’ve put together so far. Catholics Come Home is a group dedicated to reconnecting Catholics with their faith, with the byproduct of deepening the faith of all of […]

Today, the Third Sunday of Lent, Pope Benedict made a visit to Santa Maria Liberatrice parish in the Testaccio area of Rome. Teresa Benedetta has interesting background on the parish (run by the Salesians) here. Many photos here. No English […]