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Here’s a neat little story by Julia Duin about the son of Jem Sullivan – named Benedict. Michael’s worked with Jem on the study guide for the Adult Catechism, which she wrote – and she gave us a very nice […]

Chaldean Archbishop kidnapped in Mosul From AsiaNews: Mgr Faraj Raho, Chaldean bishop of Mosul, was abducted today after he celebrated the Via Crucis. Three people who were with him were killed. Mgr Rabban al-Qas, bishop of Arbil, told AsiaNews about […]

There’s been a slight burst of discussion this week about why, exactly, those Catholic bishops seem to fall on the “liberal” end of the immigration debate. The consensus is that it’s because the Church is collapsing around them, they’ve given […]

I like to offer occasional reviews of children’s books – mostly picture, right now – partly because we just read a lot of them, so I might as well share, and also because I know many of my readers are […]

BBC television is airing a new mini-series version of the Passion, starting on Palm Sunday. The BBC’s website for the series is here. (It would be great if BBC America were also showing it, but in the past, they’ve not […]

Of course, the major story coming out of the Pew survey is the fluidity of religious affiliation in the U.S.   This is true within Protestantism and it’s something we can see not only with the stats but in the upsurge […]

For several days, I’ve been stewing over Joe Feuerherd’s WaPo oped on the US bishops and politics.  One of the advantages of waiting to say anything is that you inevitably find that someone else will come along and do the […]

Bishop Earl Boyea, Detroit Auxiliary – Thomas Peters at AmPapist has the goods.

As I mentioned earlier, I awoke at 6:40 am – well, scratch that. I woke at around 4:30 am to Michael the Toddler’s cries for the bathroom. Then back to a fitful sleep, wondering if school was on for today, […]

Not a debate blog post…but simply pointing you to another fine, informative blog post from Fr. Martin Fox, a pastor (of two parishes) in Ohio, who’s tending to liturgical matters: As regular readers will know, I’ve taken an interest in the […]