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Aimee Milburn has a nice post examining Francis Beckwith’s interview with Tim Drake in Catholic World Report. There you have it.  Catholicism does not teach “works righteousness.”  And Beckwith is correct.  But the Catholic teaching is not the same as […]

We’re talking evangelization and preaching, so here are a few good examples for your edification of priests doing great preaching and making the fruits of their labors available on the Web:

Just some follow up thoughts and links: Three critiques in the same general area, all from Christianity Today, a mainstream evangelical publication.

I once said that if I were to ever go back to graduate school, (which isn’t going to happen),  my PhD dissertation would be on post Vatican II transitions – perhaps focusing on one diocese or one cluster of parishes.  An […]

To long-time blogger, fellow Living Faith contributor and Jesuit Mark Mossa who was ordained to the diaconate on Saturday! As well as to art critic, biographer, commenter and opera librettist Terry Teachout who was married on Saturday!