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Here: Creighton University and author Anne Lamott have mutually agreed upon cancellation of her public lecture on September 19, 2007.   After careful review of Ms. Lamott’s most recent writings (which postdated her contract agreement), we have concluded that key […]

A quick evaluation of new things: 1) Gmail – good. The layout of the mailbox, in which your responses to emails are grouped with the original emails, makes a lot of sense. I’ve not explored it much beyond that, but […]

I mean, er, Your Holiness. And studying the top Christian sellers on Amazon always interests me in a compare and contrast kind of way.

St. Monica…ora pro nobis! St. Monica links from around: Fr. Z on her tomb in Rome Mike Aquilina has many links The Pope, at last year’s Angelus on 8/27: Monica, who was born into a Christian family at Tagaste, today […]

1.   If you knew the Marlins were playing the Reds, you’d be able to better guess where we were. 2    The best part of the Cincinnati Zoo is the Nocturnal House, without question, with the Insect House coming in a […]