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January 1, 1970 Archives

In which the authoress begins to plow through some of her recent reading, in hopes that some might benefit. I’ve been reading mostly fiction this summer (the Gothic Wars book is in process – I need to get it back […]

In today’s WaPo, Jonathan Yardley reconsiders J.F. Powers’ Morte d’Urban, the novel about a priest that won the National Book Award in 1963. The Moviegoer had won in 1962. Ah, those were the days. Yardley’s take: Thus it’s both revealing […]

Our public intellectuals. Our greats. What would we do without them? Ask the child of one of them. He knows. No photograph of him has ever been published, but those who know Daniel Miller say that he resembles his father. […]

Yesterday evening, the Mass in the Extraordinary Form (is that right?…..) was celebrated in St. Joseph’s Co-Cathedral in Burlington Vermont. Celebrated by Burlington Bishop Salvatore Matano.  The church was apparently packed – as you can see from the video, and […]

Now, I don’t go to Mass at our Cathedral very often – mostly on holy days – in fact, I usually end up there on holy days because they have a noon Mass, and none of the parishes closer to […]