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January 1, 1970 Archives

…you might want to add the blog of Vaticanista Andrea Tornielli at Il Giornale to your daily stops.. Il direttore dei programmi tedeschi della Radio Vaticana, il gesuita Eberhard von Gemmingen, intervistato dal Messaggero, ha detto: “Nella Cappella Sistina vedrei […]

A shockingly well-written piece in the Salt Lake Tribune, by Jessica Ravitz on a new (as of 2003) Carmelite foundation in Wyoming. I say that because the writer does what is seemingly so hard for too many religion writers to […]

Kidnapped Italian missionary priest Giancarlo Bossi was released last week, and will be returning to Italy in August His deepest desire is to “be able to embrace my people”, but it will also be wonderful to “see my family again”. […]

Today, on vacation, the Pope prayed the Angelus and had some words: “Never again war!”: from the mountains of Cadore, a place of great natural beauty that was transformed into a theatre of slaughter during the First World War, Benedict […]

  My birthday was this past week, with no big page-turning feeling accompanying it, though. The reason is idiocyncratic. I was born in 1960, a year which ends in "0," which makes it easy to remember how old I am. […]

Many are writing about LA Times Religion reporter William Lobdell’s column on his loss of faith. The short version is that Lobdell had a conversion experience in an evangelical setting, got involved in religion reporting, then started attending RCIA (his […]