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Or, Portrait of Boy with Gator. Carefully.

The National Pastoral Musician’s conference was last week in Indianpolis. A couple of reports, from slightly different perspectives,  have surfaced here and here. From the former: * Steven Warner’s opening address. Ok, much of it was good, but at one […]

Over the past week, episcopal reactions to Summorum Pontificum have been rolling in. Some are collected at the Summorum Pontificum blog, Fr. Z has been posting and commenting on some – The Stella Borealis blog has posted a useful index […]

I find the Google Blog search to be a really useful tool (more user friendly to me than Technorati) for sort of exploring what people are saying on a given topic, and more importantly, giving me little windows into how […]

Professor Bainbridge takes a look and reminds us of what the "million-plus for each plaintiff" really means. Rick Garnett notices mixes signals in the NYTimes about such things. That is, running an article righteously condemning the Archdiocese, in the same […]