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January 1, 1970 Archives

From the NYTimes: A woman’s account of her decision to not abort. Context: she and her husband had just moved to Mexico to pursue free-spirited writing careers. She got pregnant. No way, she thought at first. But then:

So today begins the 3 Rivers Festival, a week or so of various activities around here – overpriced food downtown, rides here and there, and arts festival, has-been musical acts. I bought a very nice piece at the arts festival […]

What I call The Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Those of you who live in Big Cities and travel in Such Circles might see this as nothing worth noting. But I have to say that it was a new scene to […]

I was startled to see this morning that The Apostles by Pope Benedict, published by OSV, has risen to around 1200 or so on Amazon. Michael says it’s because the Pope is in the news pretty constantly these days. Maybe! […]

300 Burmese immigrants headed for Fort Wayne over the next couple of months… …joining the 3,000 already here, the largest concentration of Burmese refugees in the US. This resettlement is being coordinated by Catholic Charities: The Fort Wayne Catholic Charities […]

…two reactions. The reality: As we drive through The Fort, it becomes quite clear that there’s been precious little rain over the past two weeks. The reactions, as we pull in to our driveway: Michael: Excellent! (translation: "I don’t have […]