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January 1, 1970 Archives

…a quick side trip this afternoon to the Trappist Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers which we have both visited many times before. A first time for these two, though, one of whom re-named the place in his own […]

There are a few Catholic exhibitors at CBA, and I’m sure more than a few Catholic attendees as well – spotted one sister in full-length habit today, drilling some purveyor of digital music something-or-other about his products. A subtle side […]

Now. What could this be? Click here for a much larger version on which you can almost read the inscriptions. "Remember" it says on the top, and cascading from there are names and quotations. And below that, a shrouded body. […]

…he’s a Jaguars fan. (The best I could do, rushing to get the camera out and making sure two Wild Boys were still in sight…) One more, after the jump

…from here and there. Just grabbing links as I roam. Literally. So don’t be out there reading this thinking I’m attempting any "coverage." Not here, at this moment! First off – this is good, and very useful  – A Summorum […]