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Will he: eat them? Or are they basically near dead by the time they come up out of the ground? I found 3 today on the tomato plants…I guess it’s their year. I’ve never had a garden here. Well, I’ve […]

…meet in NY: At the Democrats for Life conference Wednesday, Oklahoma Democratic state legislator Rebecca Hamilton, who has successfully sponsored legislation to restrict abortion, spoke of the arduous role of being a pro-life Democrat. She said she’d been “attacked about […]

If you’re looking for place where you can find a good collection of constantly updated Catholic news and commentary links, head to New Advent World Watch. Whoever runs it is hand-picking stories and blog posts to highlight – so it […]

An AP article on Catholic pols and Communion, featuring Archbishop Chaput: As most of the nation’s 268 active Catholic bishops met for a private retreat this week in New Mexico, questions were building about how prominent their voices will be […]

A varia post, filled with tidbits from email and the blogs…then I’ll be tiptoing out of here for a while. Just expect the most sporadic blogging until mid-July, and then who knows what after that. Ed Peters looks closely at […]