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Julia Duin at the WaTimes, with a lengthy profile of Archbishop Wuerl after a year It’s comprehensive and thorough, looking at everything with his informal gatherings with Catholic members of Congress to his catechetical efforts: According to the Center for […]

Go to Vatican Radio for several before, during and after reports on the Pope’s visit. (As well as on the visit of Chrysostomos II on Saturday.)

AsiaNews has the complete text of the Pope’s message to youth posted. (There were about 25,000 present.) Print it out and use it as the kick-off point for your youth group, religious ed class and Catholic school this fall: Saint […]

From VIS: At 4.30 p.m. today, Benedict XVI travelled to Assisi’s cathedral of San Rufino where he met with priests, deacons, religious, superiors and students of the pontifical seminary of Umbria. In his talk to them, the Holy Father insisted […]

The Pope travelled to Assisi yesterday. It was a very busy 11-hour day, with the Pope giving 5 messages – a homily, the Angelus message, a speech to Franciscans, and speach to other priests and religious, and then a message […]

As blogged before, Sir John Tavener’s piece The Beautiful Names, will premiere at Westminster Cathedral in London on Tuesday. The piece is a subject of controversy, although as I wrote before, after reading descriptions of the piece, no matter what […]

Incredibly detailed argument for a death/funereal/Last Supper/Eucharistic reading of the last Sopranos scene.

Really great episode of the BBC4 Radio program, on "Renaissance Astrology." It left me with several unanswered questions, but it was an excellent general introduction, setting things in context – which is what all good historical discussions do. You have […]

I am currently working through some things regarding another novel. At one point last week, I thought I had come up with an amazing way of combining two novels that I had already partly written, and spent a day working […]

The NYObserver takes a good look: (And by "good" I mean objective and fair. No kidding.) Rudy Giuliani has made it clear that he doesn’t “get into debates with the pope.” The Roman Catholic Church, however, is already debating what […]