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January 1, 1970 Archives

Fr. Dwight Longenecker has just returned from a school mission trip to El Salvador and has reports and photos.

John Allen has many reports on the annual convention of the Catholic Theological Society of America. There’s a lot there… From the group’s outgoing president: (after the jump)

Aimee Milburn, who writes the smart and generally excellent blog Historical Christian has been on a hiatus recently because of coursework, but she’s back with a great post on the unity of the Church: A Protestant reader lately has written […]

Recently-ordained permanent Deacon Greg Kandra – also a producer at CBS News – has a blog! Here’s a Busted Halo article about Greg.

Poet (and editor of Poetry)  Christian Witman on a spiritual journey: Though I was raised in a very religious household, until about a year ago I hadn’t been to church in any serious way in more than 20 years. It […]

All right, here we go.. 1) Brilliant? 2) Cowardly cop-out? 3) Contempt for the audience? 4) Ultimate respect for the audience? The rest after the jump…