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A Chaldean priest seems to have been kidnapped in Baghdad: Another Chaldean priest was abducted in Baghdad today. Fr Hani Abdel Ahad, in his early 30s, was taken in a north-eastern section of the capital called Suleikh along with five […]

Make it 16. Pending editing. Whew. Someone once said that no one ever actually finishes writing a novel – you just give up. This wasn’t a novel, but the subject is potentially so vast, and I was charged with writing […]

At the funeral: Chaldean Catholic Bishop Paulos Faraj Rahho of Mosul was forced to pause during the funeral of an Iraqi priest and three subdeacons due to the weeping of so many in the congregation. Father Ragheed Aziz Ganni and […]

On the jumper: A 27-year-old German man was forced to undergo immediate psychiatric treatment June 6 after he jumped over a barrier in St. Peter’s Square and reached the back of the open jeep in which Pope Benedict XVI was […]

I’ll just make this a catch-all post. First, today’s General Audience: Rich countries must increase their aid to the development of the world’s nations in need, by upholding the right to education which is the real platform for progress among […]

Danielle Bean is running one: Not just any raffle, but the very first annual charity raffle. I know this: readers of this space are overwhelmingly generous people who care deeply about mothers and their babies. This knowledge has inspired […]