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Check out the Aquinas Bookstore Summer Reading Program: This summer, why not take some time to discover the rich treasure of Catholic literature? Aquinas and More Catholic Goods, the official sponsor of the Catholic summer reading program, would like to […]

A discussion has broken out in the Jesus of Nazareth combox below on Catholic bookstores (and by extension any independent brick-and-mortar bookstore.) It’s a conversation we’ve had here quite often, and the challenges are real. The one thing I have […]

Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence has an RSVP for Rudy Giuiliani I probably would have written this article anyhow, so distressed was I. But then I received an invitation to attend a fundraising luncheon for presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, and […]

…will be forthcoming from Michael, who heard him speak today at BEA. His one-sentence summary: Christopher Hitchens Hates You and Wants to Make War with You

(or any authors, for that matter, since most of us have the same complaint..) Word from the floor at Book Expo America is that the Doubleday display has no marketing material for the Pope’s book. A copy of the book […]