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Michael is on his way out of town – to Chicago for RBTE and then to NYC for Book Expo. Katie is recovering from her 5-day trip to The National Catholic Forensic League Tournament in Houston. She didn’t "break" – […]

Over at PRF, a wonderful set of photographs of the Whitsun Pilgrimage of Csíksomlyó in Transylvania.

From today’s NYTimes: a mildly interesting travel piece "in search of Graham Greene’s Capri". Mildly interesting because although Greene spent quite a bit of time there, doing the bulk of his writing there from the 40’s on, the place never […]

Tell us about it… (Whatever and where ever your place happens to be!) My experience was, as always, filtered through the antsy-ness of two little boys. choir, as per usual, only the very capable cantor and organ. She sang […]

Today’s Regina Coeli In his address before the Regina Coeli prayer Benedict XVI gave a short catechesis on the nature of the Church, as is recited in the Credo, to the tens of thousands gathered in St Peters square. Reflecting […]

At NCR(egister), Tim Drake has a good, comprehensive piece on online videocasting and Catholics. He pretty much covers all the bases, and ends with this: Librarian Janice LaDuke of St. Paul, Minn., understands the power, accessibility and immediacy of such […]

Post from Fr. Z on some  Curial moves. Pope-related: ND theology head Professor Lawrence Cunningham’s initial thoughts on Jesus of Nazareth: (1) Ratzinger writes as a theologian in the honorable tradition of the Anselmian ‘faith seeking understanding’ which is to […]

Well, one of countless reasons..I am so terribly distractable. (I started working on this post on 5/21, btw.) Because being distracted is just so interesting. It first hit me when I was working on my MA thesis at Vanderbilt – […]

From today’s WSJ on the Russian Orthodox reunion noted earlier this week: From the time when Russia became communist and atheist after 1917, the Church Abroad had sought to be the free voice of Russian Orthodoxy world-wide. Its independence was […]

Maureen Wittman has observations about a confirmation she attended in the Grand Rapids diocese Reader Lance wonders about the Scalabrini Fathers, who are taking his parish under their wing. Anyone? Reader/seminarian Dennis has a bleg: I’m working on a talk […]