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Inside the Vatican interviews Archbishop Pius Ncube of Zimbabwe ITV: Were you appointed archbishop of Bulawayo by John Paul II? ARCHBISHOP: Yes. I was ordained a priest at the age of 27 in 1973. It took quite a long training […]

More problems in Pakistan A Pakistani district court yesterday condemned to death Younis Masih, a Christian accused of blasphemy.  The judges also condemned to man to pay a fine amounting to 100 thousand Rupees. Defence lawyers denounce a lack of […]

…in China Fresh protests against the national one child policy are spreading in Guangxi. People are being driven to exasperation and it is feared that there could be an outbreak of violent social unrest, but the authorities maintain that they […]

…for blogger and musician Michael John Poirier,diagnosed with malignant melanoma.

A Biblioblogger is running a poll on the Synoptic Problem: as in – which theory is the best solution? Even if you don’t vote, it’s worth taking a look to see the different theories, in case you’re not familiar with […]

Tim Drake has a great interview with Francis Beckwith in the NCRegister. He discusses his reasons why he left the Church as a teenager, why he returned, and what Catholics and evangelical Protestants can learn from each other, the value […]

From today’s General Audience: –“Being with the Church and acceptance of its weaknesses” requires “humility” and “simplicity”, because “only God is truly holy, we are in need of His forgiveness”.  The Pope made these observations today to over 40 thousand […]

…from the blogs and the news: New members of the bishops’ review board on sexual abuse. The former superior general of the controversial (as in supressed by the bishop of Scranton) Society of St. John was to be ordained to […]

So, I was in the library and two women started talking near me. And yes, I listened because, you know, I was there first, searching through picture books as I am wont to do, and they just met up and […]

A reader wrote to rave about this book: The Secrets of Rome: Love and Death in the Eternal City by Italian journalist Corrado Augias. I’ll put it on the list. Sigh. The long list! I heard the author of this […]