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January 1, 1970 Archives

Actually, I have quite a few, all of which will have to wait until June for brief reviews, but this one came today and is rather striking – from Arcadius Press – a comic book/graphic short story publication called Stories […]

A pretty fair piece on Tiber and Bosporus-crossing from a ministry magazine for charismatic churches. (Although it does end with the testimony of a former Catholic who runs a ministry "for Catholics.") h/t reader Chip

A beaver? Muskrat? (Click for larger view) Little ***** ate half the leaves off my cucumber plants before I caught him… (FYI, we don’t live close to water, either – the river is about a mile away, I’d say) Ah, […]

My sons usually call me when they are on their way somewhere – to the gym, to home from church, from work to home. This morning, Second Son called as he was walking from his apartment to work – work […]