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January 1, 1970 Archives

The Archdiocese of Boston brought in Christopher West to offer a full-day seminar on the Theology of the Body on Saturday – and when I say "Archdiocese" I mean Archdiocese – the talk was co-sponsored by 17 chancery offices, and […]

There’s still lots of ongoing commentary about Francis Beckwith’s reversion – more since Alan Cooperman at the WaPo picked up on the story and reported this weekend. Among the wealth of Catholic commentary, this one was particularly moving: Scott at […]

…the Pope is on his way back to Rome tonight. Full texts of his talks this weekend should be available soon, as well as commentary. There will be a  lot to digest. I didn’t time his speech at the CELAM […]

A moving piece from today’s NYTimes: But I didn’t become pregnant. And after two years of trying, I was tired of feeling hopeless, of trudging down this path not knowing how it would end. I did know, however, how adopting […]

From TIME, 1967 – "The Underground Church"