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Some interesting commentary continues on this. Catholics are startled that some still consider them trapped in the snares of the Whore of Babylon. Many Protestants are embarrassed about those kind of fulminations and while not agreeing with Dr. Beckwith’s decision, […]

On picking up Michael from the sitter’s. Michael: I ate all my flowers! Me: Quizzical look at sitter Sitter: Oh, he means spinach. He ate all of his spinach salad. **** As I said, I really can’t decide which is […]

There have been lots of theist v. atheist debates of late, most of them not worth listening to, but here’s one with promise: On the question, "Is Christianity Good for the World?" Christopher Hitchens v. Douglas Wilson. You know Hitchens. […]

We started watching it last night. MIchael has thoughts.

A seminarian has a question: I am looking for some good examples how priests have upheld the Church’s teaching on the reception of Communion at funerals and weddings where there are many non-Catholics. This usually ranges from some words in […]

To be added to Tuesday morning: Has the tomb of Herod the Great been found? The Hebrew University of Jerusalem announced Monday night that it has uncovered the grave and tomb of King Herod, who ruled Judea for the Roman […]