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I was originally excited to see notice of this book: The Roman Catholic Church: A History by Edward Norman. A coffee-table style, richly illustrated history of the Church was badly needed, I thought. Well – it still is. Oh, the […]

Oddest "liturgical curiosity" ever. Well, in the top 10. Matthew LIckona reports.

In case there was any doubt: For the past 3 months, Archbishop Milingo, participated at the morning Hoondokhae held at Cheon Jeong Gung Museum. Also, as he is staying on the Cheongpyeong Holy Ground he would meet with Ambassadors for […]

First, from Aid to the Church in Need, their project of the month: The mission station of Phuc Chau is situated in the archdiocese of Hanoi, in communist ruled Vietnam. It serves around 400 Catholics, who are extremely committed but […]

Damian Thompson, editor of the Catholic Herald in England and blogger for the Telegraph, goes after Karen Armstrong, popular author on comparative religions and most recently, biographer of Mohammad and frequently quoted expert on same. Armstrong recently reviewed Robert Spencer’s […]

Yesterday, as we were dropping Joseph off at school, Michael chirped, "Oh, dat’s the church!" (Joseph attends the parish school.) Uh-huh, yes it is, Michael. He continued. "Now I can pray!" Right. Unless what you’ll be doing is vigorously exploring […]

Over at First Things, Peter Sprigg, who worked in Drinan’s office briefly and is now with the Family Research Council, remembers and tries to understand: One thing that Congressman Drinan said during that period has always stayed with me. In […]

FIrst, prayers for BIshop Mengeling of Lansing, still serving at the age of 76, just diagnosed with bladder cancer. Speaking of Michigan bishops, they have issued a statement urging immigration reform. Questions are raised and confusion surrounds the actions in […]