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Today I had the treat of lunching with Barbara Nicolosi, who was in the area speaking at Huntington University, a small Christian liberal arts college.  Greg Erlandson of OSV joined us (OSV is located in Huntington – Michael is out […]

Drew at Holy Whapping has interesting thoughts: The Exhortation plays an important role in this movement, then, by codifying Ratzinger’s ideas on liturgy into the written magisterium of the Church. He gave the reform of the reform much of its […]

Or whatever. Found this via The Hermeneutic of Continuity, Fr. Tim Finigan’s great blog. Fr. Tim found it on a new UK Catholic blog called Obnoxiously Pious. What this seems to be is the last part of a documentary film […]

Go read Fr. Z on the English translation of the exhortation – rather, the translation of two Latin words (in the original) into the English, as compared to how it was translated into other languages. Update: Fr. Z’s blog is […]

They met today. From AsiaNews: Relations between Catholics and Orthodox were also on the agenda of talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Benedict XVI, which took place this evening in the Vatican, in a “very positive climate”.  The “cordial […]

Fr. Bernardo Cerverella, of AsiaNews, sums up the Apostolic Exhortation: Benedict XVI ‘s successful undertaking lies in having explained, as in a short catechism, that everything, really and truly everything subsists in and is held together thanks to the Eucharist: […]

…for now. I’m going to be out of the until early afternoon, so this will have to do. First, as regard to abuses, let’s get one thing clear – the norms for the celebration of the Mass are clear. […]

we find this: 150) Taking into account ancient and venerable customs and the wishes expressed by the Synod Fathers, I have asked the competent curial offices to study the possibility of moving the sign of peace to another place, such […]

I’ll continue going through this document. I have to say, as I do so more closely, I’m seeing things I didn’t see in that first quick read (naturally enough). There is a subtle, yet very clear effort to re-orient the […]

Let’s read.. First impression: Good stuff, but nothing in terms of practice that hasn’t been said before, and nothing really "new" in terms of emphasis. This is not, of course, a legislative document (although in the Catholic context, that is […]