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…to read and contemplate. Aimee Milburn at Historical Christian’s short version of why she became a Catholic. (Longer versions are linked at the post!) In a nutshell, through a long period of study and reflection I simply became convinced that […]

Fr. Dwight Longenecker on 40 Hours in his parish: To the outsider I know this seems arcane, irrelevant and difficult to understand. To many Catholics it seems the same. They wonder why worship cannot be more ‘relevant’ and more easy […]

….to the Hannity/Euteneuer dustup…FoxNews commentator, Fr. Jonathon Morris, LC: As I watched a fellow Catholic priest spar with you on the March 9 edition of Hannity and Colmes, I hung my head in shame and sadness. My colleague in religion […]

On Saturday, Pope Benedict gathered with European and Asian university students, both in reality and virtually, to pray the rosary. This event was held to mark the fifth European Day for Universities. A CNA story: On Saturday the Holy Father […]

Painting Cardinals: When New York artist Alex Melamid watched the funeral of Pope John Paul II on TV in 2005, he was struck by the way the cardinals all looked the same — as iconic dignitaries in red vestments. This […]

Sandro Magister on a new edition of the Compendium: (You won’t be buying this one in bulk for your students, I don’t think. Too bad.) The image above is the “Salvator Mundi” by Antonello da Messina, painted in 1475 and […]

I have really been trying to stay out of the ’08 presidential discussions, since it’s, you know, ’07, but the Giluliani questions has really been heating up over the past week, so here we are. The American Spectator rounds up […]

Back in October, I linked to, and you folks discussed a radio debate between one David Quinn and Richard Dawkins. Quinn has gone on to begin the "Iona Institute" in Ireland – a ZENIT interview with him about the Institute […]

CNN Headline News anchor Thomas Roberts writes of his abuse at the hands of Catholic priest  Jeff Toohey, the chaplain of his all-boys’ school in Baltimore. He will discuss it this evening, on Anderson Cooper’s show, as well. An article […]

At AsiaNews, Jesuit Samir Khalil Samir looks at the issues: The ideology of multiculturalism, i.e. blind tolerance toward any culture and tradition, is destroying European identity and is above all doing away with human rights and, more specifically, women’s rights.  […]