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Steven Greydanus reviews Into the Great Silence No interview footage furnishes psychological insights into the dispositions or motivations of the monks (apart from a single brief homiletical reflection late in the film). In contrast to nearly wordless nature documentaries like […]

Alvin Plantinga at Books and Culture: The real problem here, obviously, is Dawkins’ naturalism, his belief that there is no such person as God or anyone like God. That is because naturalism implies that evolution is unguided. So a broader […]

I offer this post as a service to bloggers and readers of blogs. Bloggers love widgets. Widgets are the million little doohickies we like to put on our sidebars – search engine functions, mini-photo albums, instant messaging function,  etc. Here’s […]

Me…a variation on this and this. Of course, with grilled cheese for certain other people…

Novelist Ron Hansen was ordained a permanent deacon last month: As a deacon, Hansen will work in campus ministry, mainly preaching and assisting with Masses and performing weddings in the Mission Church, said Jack Treacy, S.J., campus ministry director. But […]

The AP has a good article on the really difficult situation in Rome – historic churches in the center, many of them with virtually no regular parish life, and populations exploding in the suburbs, most of the demographic being poor, […]

Via Mere Comments, an article about a recent event at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in which 2 professors shared their experiences of adopting children: “Outside of Christ, we are all orphans,” he [Stinson] said, speaking in January at the Pendergraph […]

Coming on May 19, from 6-9pm, in the Rose Bowl: The Rosary Bowl! Here’s the event’s website Here’s an article: And here’s Dave Hartline’s interview with Fr. Willie Raymond of Catholic Family Theater on the event: Father Willy Raymond CSC […]

…from a reader, that parents with two sick unborn children find solutions so that lives may be saved… Kristy Recovers: Revolution 21 reports on a young woman who is valiantly working to help her leukemia-struck sister get back on her […]

Really interesting article in NCR from John Allen, who is currently in Nigeria, researching his "Mega-Trends in Catholicism" book. He explains the position of Nigeria within Africa and in the Catholic global scene, then turns to the persistent Muslim-Christian tensions […]