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January 1, 1970 Archives

A couple of weeks ago, I struggled through a probably garbled post on My Theory of Everything, which suggests (unoriginally) that since everything will eventually go haywire – meaning that the vast majority of us will be sorely tempted to […]

My friend from Phoenix writes with this, inviting your prayers: A Planned Parenthood Clinic caught on fire shortly after our blessed Bishop’s Christmas Eve Rosary at the site.  The fire was not arson. The clinic staff shared the facts of […]

One more good link from the Archaeological Institue of America: The identification of the Talpiyot tomb as the tomb of Jesus and his family is based on a string of problematic and unsubstantiated claims, including adding an otherwise unattested Matthew […]

Today, Sandro Magister points out two recent commentaries reflecting on the NeoCatechumenal Way – a lay movement that is controversial for various reasons, most concretely their liturgies. The NCW has been given until June to re-consider and reshape certain problematic […]

Katie and I went to see Amazing Grace today. Good film, definitely worth seeing for several reasons: 1) It’s an entertaining, well-made, substantive film in and of itself. The performances are uniformly fantastic with some "great faces," as my mother […]