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January 1, 1970 Archives

…in the shadow of St. Peter’s. The PNAC has started an a part of its website to the Clericus Cup – the soccer tournament between teams representing the major seminaries in Rome. Keep up to date there. (There’s also an […]

Over the past 24 years of parenting, how many times have I been a part of exchanges like this: "What do you want for your birthday, Mom?" "Oh, all I want is a good boy for my birthday." or "I […]

This story has been brewing for months, ever since the University of Minnesota’s theater schedule for the year was announced, but this weekend was the moment: the theater presented its production of Nobel Prize for literature laureate Dario Fo‘s play […]

A group of four young people have taken up a pilgrimage of sorts – to attend Mass at every parish in the Diocese of Toledo. Here’s their website with the record of their travels. Their reports do include a bit […]

The Angelus talk, today: Prayer, for the Christian, “is not an optional but a matter of life and death. Only those who pray, that is, those who entrust themselves to God with filial love, can enter into eternal life, which […]